Auto-changing track

Hi all,

I use Cubase to play live and currently switch between tracks to play different instruments on the fly by using the arrow keys.
Is there a way to tell Cubase to switch tracks automatically at different times?
eg. Track 1 active between 0-30sec - Track 2 active between 30-45sec - Track 3 active 45-60sec?

This would save me no end of trouble. I I can do this I can get out of learning Ableton Live!

If all tracks listen to the same midi port (as I assume) you can use automation to mute/solo the appropriate tracks at the defined switching points so only the expected track make sound.

Apart from that I don’t know of any way to do it inside of Cubase - you can use AutoHotKey or similar external tool to press the arrow key for you at defined intervals.

Thanks for the ideas! I didn’t think to use mute automation. Only issue here is I’d have to enable all tracks to be playing simultaneously with all but one muted and Cubase still needs to process all those VST’s at the same time even though only one is audible, but it’s definitely a start to a workaround! I’ll also check out autohot key. Thanks very much!