Auto Close Offline Process After Use etc

I’m not sure I understand this thing

Or at least how it is better than it was before the overhaul

I want it to close immediately after use if possible like it used to

It’d also be nice if you could tie specific processes to key commands…not sure if this is possible

Also…why does transpose using elastic tape not work in the info box at the top of the project page?



This is one of the most important part of the sound engineers in Nuendo. And it has been redesigned for their workflow. The workflow is:

  • Listen thru the project.
  • Once something is wrong, select the object (Audio Event or Range) and apply any process (mostly EQ preset or Gain preset).
  • If it doesn’t help, apply the same settings again.
  • Done, next.

So the Nuendo users have the DOP window open forever.

Yes, you can assign a Key Command to the Process or Plug-in: Key Commands > Process (or Process Plug-in). The last settings of the Process/Plug-in will be applied, once you hit the Key Command. You can also create a Favorites, and assign a Key Command to the Favorites.

Thanks a lot

Made my day. Been wanting to figure this out for ages

Only addition I had to make was to turn the whole thing into a macro

e.g. favorite 1, close offline processing window

I can now transpose audio up or down by semitones with one key



Can anyone confirm that stereo flip processes can be added to favourites and then linked to a macro.

This is one process I don’t seem to be able to link to a key command.