auto color tracks/parts?

Hi, new Cubase 7.5 user here…

on page 706 in the manual, it is described how to auto color tracks, but I can´t find the preference settings for it.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks a lot,


Preferences>Event Display>Tracks>Auto Color Mode=Use Previous Track Color +1

That should do it!

Is there a way to do this after that fact to selected tracks? I often change my tracks to default colors and then to colors based on the track name with macros and the Project Logical Editor. However, I am dealing with a lot of vocal tracks and different colors would be more helpful then all having them the same color. Again I still want to be able to change back and forth with macros so the colors change multiple times during a session.

There is probably a better way than this because this doesn’t do all the track at once but it is pretty fast. It also only changes the tracks and not the regions. I’ll have to dig deeper and look for the command to change regions to their track color names. I’m very glad that it doesn’t do this by default because there are many times that I have colored the good takes a certain color and it would be very frustrating if it just took on the track color always. Thank you Steinberg for that flexibility it makes working in Cubendo a great boon!

Update: For some reason it is updating the regions now but not the one’s I color which is awesome! There are so many amazing things like this that I find from Steinberg that impress me so much about them!
Change Track Color.png
Macro Increment Track Color.png