Auto colour based on track name possible?

Anyone know if it’s possible to set Cubase up so that it auto colours tracks based on track names? There’s an add-on for REAPER that does this and i used to love it.

Basically, you could set it up so that if ‘Guit’ or ‘GTR’ was part of the trackname it would colour purple (Or whatever you want) etc.

It wouldn’t be totally automatic, but you could use Project Local Editor presets. (and bind them to keystrokes in Key Commands)

Like this:

Oh wow, thanks so much, that looks really interesting! It’s more for bringing in projects from other people and colour coding to my common colours, so fully automatic is not an issue at all.

Looks like this editor can do lots of things!

Yes! :smiley:

And once you have the Key Commands set, you could create a macro that includes each color key command therefore end up with 1 Key Command to reset all colors to the desired track colors.