Auto Conform in Nuendo 5.5?

Working on Mac with Nuendo 5.5.
Is there a solution within Nuendo?

I’m pretty sure there isn’t. I hope someone else will chime in soon and verify that though.


Problem is, TMC is just for Windows

Hi nominaudio!

Problem is, TMC is just for Windows

You can run it in Parallels / VMware / Bootcamp or any Windows machine you can find.
Here´s a good hint:
Re-conform the offline session on any windows system: there is no need to move audiofiles or relink!
So the transfer is hassle-free.


Thanks Bernhard
I’ll try that
Does the Windows OS version matter? Windows XP or newer?

Windows XP or newer?

TheMaischConformer is developed and tested under Win7 32bit and Win 7 64bit but I see no reason why it should not work under XP.

one more question Bernhard
is it really so hard to program an autoconform application like yours?
I ask because i asked steinberg how about such a solution for Nuendo 6.
Their reply was like. it is not that easy to implement this in to the software
and thats why software like titan an virtualkaty is so expensive.
I talked to some postpro sound engeneers here in Zuerich an they
let the editor assistant do this job or a sound assistant.
but in times of low budget productions, every day of work is to much.
and i am not talking about students first films even tv productions turn
to a budget where every hour counts.