Auto Crossfades ?

I can’t seem to figure out how auto crossfades work. I set them up in the fade setup dialog , the enable auto crossfades box is checked, but there is no effect. I understand from searching the net that auto fades are not visually represented on the track the way manual fades are, is that true?

Regardless of the visual representation, however, I do not get the ‘click’ elimination that I am going for. If I overlap two events and then crossfade them manually I can get rid of any click that occurs at the junction, but enabling auto fades has no effect.

What might I be doing wrong?

Update: I have found that setting auto crossfades on the individual track does work. It is the project wide setting that isn’t working. I can set up two overlapping events that produce an audible ‘pop’ at the junction, turn on auto crossfades from the project menu, and there is no difference in the pop. However, if I turn on auto crossfades from the track right-click menu, the pop disappears. Does anyone else see this behavior?

A better practice would be to do edits at zero crossings whenever possible.

Actually, I do use zero crossings, but that is not always the solution. This is about getting auto crossfades to work (project wide, as well as track specific).