Auto cut clean all EVENTS with PLE?

Hello, I have multiple Waves tracks and I would like to clean the events and cut the parts that are not
It contains sounds through PLE, is there any preset?


I’m sorry, I don’t understand your user case. Could you describe it different way, please?

What I mean is that I would like to automatically cut all the tracks from the directions marked in red that do not contain any sound

Have you already used or are familiar with the command, Audio>Advanced>Detect Silence? (whether inside a PLE preset or not?)


I tried it, but in reality I did not use it well and it did not cut accurately. Is there a video that explains its method well?

Did you try with the default settings? In the low resolution image you included it should work. (though the image is too small to really discern)


I do not understand what you want to say.

Just use the settings in my screen shot. Does it work?

Hi Steve, when my settings are the same as yours, Cubase cuts all the tracks, I don’t know why


@Ehabmxd , setup the threshold, please.

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