Auto Edit Instrument on track select


Is there a setting somewhere that will automatically open an instrument’s edit window when you select the track that it is on?

Can’t seem to find it if there is…

Any idea for a work around if this doesn’t exist?

I would also like the instrument edit window to close when I leave the track


Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, there is no this kind of command in Cubase as far as I know. I can’t imagine even any workaround here.

Hi Martin, Thanks for your response.

At least I know to stop looking for it!

So I’ve managed to make a workaround using macros

Edit VST Instrument
Select Track next
Edit VST Instrument

and another for back again.

Not ideal as it gets out of sync sometimes but works for the most part.

If your case is to select previous/next Instrument most of the time, then this works.

It’s not really but I guess it will have to do