Auto Error Detection

I am working on a wave file which has a lot of dropouts (see attachment: it’s a typically 20 ms duration blank with a DC offset on the right or left channel).
I am using the correction tool as a “fill-in-blank” technique which works fine and is really great. However, it’s a bit silly but I did not managed to detect these dropouts!
Could experts tell me the setting to put in the Detection tab to detect such dropouts?
(Of course I can detect them with the global analysis but it is time consuming and rather awkward!)
Many thanks in advance

Did you try the spectrum view?

No I did not, because I would like to stay in the “error correction” environment to have an automatic process of detection/correction…I suppose there is a means to detect such “click”…?

Well, I wonder if I can write a tailor made snippet of code to detect such defects in a wave file. At the moment I am analyzing the defect itself with a little snippet of code (see file attached) and I am having fun with it (just change the extension from .rtf to .js to run it)! I have already found a criteria to detect such defects/dropouts…
BTW in the WaveLab 8 documentation I did not find any command (page 692) to check the bit depth of a wave file to abort the script in case of other bitdepth…

You forgot to attach the script.
Why you you need the bit depth for?

Strange, I cannot upload any file with the extension .js, or .rtf or even .tex : not allowed !!!
So here it is:
//Gives the L and R values at cursor for 16 bit wave files
logWindow.printWarning(“Warning: Only for 16 bit depth files”)
//show some information about the active wave file in the log window
var N = activeWave.size();
logWindow.printInfo(“File with " + N + " samples”);
logWindow.printInfo(“Sample rate is " + activeWave.sampleRate() + " Hz”);
logWindow.printInfo(“It has " +activeWave.numChannels() + " channels”);
// cursor position
var curPos =activeWave.cursorPosition()
logWindow.printInfo(“Cursor at " + curPos +” samples");
// coeff. for 16 bit found by comparison between a .wav and .txt file
var k16 = 32768;
// left and right sample value at cursor position using k16.
bufferL = activeWave.readSamples(0, curPos,1);
var nCurL = k16
logWindow.printInfo(“sample L =” + nCurL);
bufferR = activeWave.readSamples(1, curPos,1);
var nCurR = k16
logWindow.printInfo( "sample R = " + nCurR );

Because this script does work only with a 16 bit file, I wanted to test the bit depth to start with and abort the script if bit depth \neq 16!