Auto Fade-In in preferences

This feature is in ProTools and it’s making my life easier when working there so I would like to see this feature in Cubase as well.
It’s like an automatic tiny fade-in option in the preferences for audio tracks.

When i work in cubase i just use the zero-crossing option but it’s not the same.


One suggestion you can do is add a key command/macro that does this. I haven’t really found the macro tools that useful as you can’t really code anything for real. But I believe there are some presets in there for fading in audio. If you can assign a short cut, you could at least take out the mouse-work. It would still be a bit monotonous but it would work. I hate tediousness when things should be automatic. So I’m not suggesting this instead of your feature request. Automatic is always better. :wink: But hopefully that helps in the meantime!


Thanks for your reply scoredfilms.

I’ll give it a try later to see if I can accomplish anything through the macro commands.
By the way when writing loopable music it’s a hell given that you always need to zero-cross or apply tiny fades on both sides, that’s why i’m so irritated.
If you edit a lot like i have been doing lately, you will see why it is very important to have such a feature automated.

On the inspector click the symbol that looks like a melted X. It’s the Auto Fades Settings. Now set them and enable Auto Fade In and Auto Fade Out and use them as Default.

Thanks peakae!
I’m so happy Steinberg didn’t dissapoint me!