Auto Fade Settings for multiple tracks at once?

After editing drums, I like to turn on auto crossfades for each drum track with a 1ms crossfade.
Is there a way to make these settings for all my drum tracks at once?
I hate having to set this up separately for 10 -16 tracks.
I know I could setup my template with this enabled, but I never know how many drum channels I will need.

I have tried the presets or default thing but it doesn’t seem to do what I want.
So, anyway to do this for multiple channels at once?


I always turn it on globally, i.e. project wide so every track has it. But I’ve not found a way to do this for just the selected tracks.


A template is definitely the right way to go. Tip: Include more Drum channels than you think you will generally use. It’s easy and fast to delete superfuous tracks. Also I believe that copying a track (should you require more) will include the settings.

Thanks for the suggestions…
I think a few extra tracks in my template is the best solution to this trivial problem.