Please give us the option to “convert” the Auto-Fades to “real” Fades with the option to keep existing Fades.

Thank You.

Can you explain what you mean?
The fades (fade in and fade out) are configurable and editable.
And you can set a configured fade as default.

I think he means the ‘auto fade’ option in preferences that is the same over the whole session/project. Why you would want it to be turned into real fade is unclear to me. If you want all clips/events to have a standard fade you can also select them all first and apply the fade in/out. After that you can tweak them to taste.

Yes, the Auto-Fade Option - global or individual tracks.

Currently i am mixing a daily TV-Show. I get the AAF, with the edited Audio. But the editing is made by a cutter and it’s far away from perfect. It’s missing many fades and crossfades. I would like to set those crossfades automatically and edit it where it’s necessary. It’s all about saving time.

Yeah because you can’t convert autofades to normal fades (to my knowledge), autofades probably aren’t what you want in that situation. A lot of crossfades will probably need to be different lengths and so you will need to adjust them manually - so need to use normal fades.

Autofades are automatic fades that you can’t see/adjust easily like you can normal fades.

I’m sure I can speak for most people here that when we receive AAF’s, the fades aren’t perfect from the editor and need to be tweaked - it’s just part of the job.