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Hi guys, I understood Daniel that Dorico’s fame is that I, as engraver, would not have to do much to edit the document to get it ready for printing. One pic shows the “Write” mode and the other pic the “Engraver” mode.

Is this correct? Should the “Write” mode be cluttered like this, The “Engraver” mode has lots of empty real estate.

Does Dorico have an “Auto Format” button to force Dorico’s algorithms to format the score ready for printing…or must I still make a lot of manual adjustments in engrave mode.

Is see (in Engraver Mode), a “Make into System” button, but no “Make into Page” button…like i n Sibelius. So how do I get the 3rd system on the first page? Shouldn’t Dorico do this automatically?

Take a look at the “Print” Mode… :open_mouth:

And, how do I hide that top empty vocal stave in Engraver Mode?

I must say that Dorico’s systems look great!

Thanks guys
Hans :slight_smile:

In Write mode, you’re in galley view. Galley view doesn’t automatically adjust the distance between staves the way that page view does, because it can’t reasonably do it for the whole score at once. You can give yourself a bit more breathing room in galley view by going to the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options and increasing the scale factor for galley view there.

I’m not sure how to square away the apparent difference between what you’re seeing in Engrave mode and Print mode. In Engrave mode you only have three instruments in each system, whereas in Print mode you seem to have four, and two of them are overprinting, which should only be possible if you’ve manually adjusted the staff spacing in Engrave mode. Is it possible that you’re actually looking at two different layouts between the two modes?

Instead of make into page, the functions in Dorico are all to do with frames; normally there is a one-to-one relationship between music frames and pages (i.e. each page only contains a single music frame) but the powerful thing about Dorico is that this does not necessarily have to be the case, so instead we talk about frames rather than pages. So Make Into Frame is the equivalent command in Dorico to Make Into Page in Sibelius.

Thank you Daniel.

Please allow me to venture a bit more.

You said that Dorico’s prowess is the ability to format the score/parts automatically “…or the software failed at it’s task”. I understand that one will always need to tweek a few things, but will you eventually have a “Refresh” (or other) button that would calculate the score and automatically reduce systems etc. to give the best fit in a frame. I must say that I found this FIRST PAGE issue where one only get two systems (Vocal & Piano) in all the other notation software as well…but on the OLD purchased published part, there are 4 systems on the first page. Please see pic.

We may eventually have some assistive feature that would allow you to specify a target number of systems per page that could then tweak a few parameters (e.g. staff size, margins, vertical gaps between staves, etc.) in order to try to achieve that. But we probably won’t get to that for a little while, I suspect.

So, is there no way, yet, to get that top system on page 2 to come over to page 1 so I have 3 systems on page 1? Please see pic in my post just 2 posts up. :slight_smile:

Yes, there is: select the music you want to be contained within the same frame, and use the Make Into Frame command (in Engrave mode, either in the left-hand panel, or in the Engrave > Format Frame submenu).

Gracias Señor! I’m getting there…eventually! :slight_smile:

You should also try to change a very important parameter and let Dorico do the job : space size, in Layout options, page setup category. I guess it is one of the main parameters you want to change, and then adjust your layout with Make into system or Make into frame.
It is the same kind of procedure when working with (ultra-powerful software) LaTeX or XeLaTeX, the first thing you choose is size of the text, and you let the software do the layout work.

Sorry Daniel, I cannot find the instruction. HOW do I select entire systems in order to put them all in the same frame?


Click on the first note of the system, ctrl-click on the last one and press Make into frame.

Thanks my friend. How do you guys KNOW THESE THINGS??!! :astonished:

Probably by watching every video, by reading every doc and post, and by trial and error.

I have just tried to do a “format frame” command in order to get two systems from the second page of a choral piece onto the first page. The systems moved OK but the lyrics finished up mixed in with the notation, and I could not find a means of centring them between the staves again. Am I missing something here?

Can you attach the project in question (zip it up first into an archive)? It sounds like you’ve forced so much music into the frame that the lyrics are now forced to collide with the staff below, but if you attach the project I can take a look and provide a solution.