Auto frame size/frame position feature

I’m assuming that most users need to do lots of tweaking for various projects’ first page layout.

Eg one project title might be “Mary Poppins” and the other might be “I hate The Sound Of Music with all my heart”. I’d likely need to adjust the size of the ‘title’ text frame (or font size) for the second project… UNLESS… the frame can be set to automatically resize to fit the text (whilst remaining snapped to the top margin?).

If this was possible, a second problem would exist: this ‘title’ text frame would likely overlap with the frame below, such as the ‘composer’ text frame… UNLESS… the top margin of the composer frame can be snapped to the bottom margin of the title frame and automatically moved down…

Likewise with the music frame below the ‘composer’ text frame…


  • Frames that can be snapped to combinations of page margins or other frames
  • Frames that can have the option to resize based on the content within.