Auto generating chords

Hi, so my question is this: I have ukulele staff and I can mark the chords above the staff and let Dorico show me the finger position of the chord but I don’t have the chord on the staff, like I cannot actually hear it or do anything to edit it. Is there a way in which I can place the chord above the staff and based on that generate the chord corresponding to the actual ukulele chord? I have found out how to place strums, the only thing to my absolute satisfaction is this little thing. I have searched pretty deep imo, yet I was unable to find the solution, or maybe I am lacking proper words for this? in any case I would appreciate the help, thanks.

If you mean you want to hear the chord symbols with chord diagrams in playback, you can do that in Play mode using the Chords track (steps here) - just make sure it’s assigned to the appropriate channel in your playback device in order to hear chords (given that you want to hear a ukulele play back, you can just assign it to the same channel as the ukulele instrument).

you could also write the chords in the voicing and strummings as you want and cover it up with a slash region, as another option. The chords track will only trigger your chord once, which might be too short for ukulele sounds.