Auto LFO midi insert


So i wanted to use the stock auto lfo to modulate some knob on a vst instrument…

Seems auto-lfo could use some more controls/cc’s?

  • how can i modulate control X on the plugin if the auto-lfo doesnt have a cc/parameter list to choose from like the one we can use in the “more” section of the automation lane?
    (Only a 1-127 cc list available) - and if you record some automation, it doesnt show the cc(only name)

  • i have also mapped the parameter to a quick control and st the CC of the auto-lfo to the quick control#, but its not working…

So, my question is: how can i get the auto-lfo midi insert to modulate Parameter X on a vst instrument?

Thanks and have a nice weekend:)


I can see the list of all MIDI CCs in the Auto LFO. Would you expect to see even other values, like Volume, Pan, Send Enable, etc.?

On what kind of track do you use the Auto LFO? A MIDI or an Instrument track?


Its an instrument track and i want to use the auto lfo on a control in the vst or on a quick control of the channel.


You cannot control Quick Controls this way.

But you can control VSTi parameter. If the VSTi allows you to control the parameter via MIDI CC (I guess so), or if you can learn a MIDI CC.

This vst has no “learn cc”…
Learn cc is also kinda clumsy to assign controls when other stuff is going on… (Multi parameters active simultaneously)

Cubase can record automation from the vst though.
Cubase labels the automation “Xname” ( not cc# )

That is why the auto lfo needs a menu like the automation control menu. It doesnt help if there are only 1-127 “standard” cc’s to choose from… (The drop down menu you get when you press the “more” button in the automation lane)

Any other ideas?


Yeah LFO’s are a real pain to use on plugins in Cubase. I wish it was even half like how easy Live makes it, where you can LFO modulate anything on any track with Live’s MFL LFO plugin with a simple click. I believe BitWig Studio is like this as well.

A workaround for Cubase is using CableGuys MIDIshaper and VST Quickcontrols.

However, unlike in Live/Bitwig, you can’t just set it up then leave it, which is what I want, as the Quicktrack function is only responsive while you have the track selected, so you need to record the output of the LFO to automation, and if you have to do that then usually I find it’s quicker just to draw what I want in, but that’s not always ideal depending on what i’m trying to do.

Right now Cubase has the best MIDI routing Base Feature Set - but it has never been developed near the level of other DAWS

With couple minor tweaks in how the MIDI is routed between MIDI channels and VST instances, Cubase could easily be the leading DAW in Modulation

There needs to be only 2 things added to cubase

1 Positive and Negative Adjustment of the Source Modulation
2 MIDI CC Mapping between any and all parameters ( ie. MIDI Controller can control the intensity of …anything such as… AUTO LFO that is Controlling any other parameter at the same time )

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