Auto LFO MIDI plugin forgets settings on project load

Auto LFO MIDI plugin forgets settings on project load.

  1. Load any VSTi in the instruments channel and add some notes in a 4 bar loop,
  2. Load the auto LFO and link a control to it (FLT cutoff for example),
  3. Change the Value Range, wavelength and waveform,
  4. Remember the settings,
  5. Save project and load it back again.

    The ValueRange no longer works as saved in the project, even though the setting stays the same. As soon as it is moved it snaps back to it’s new position and works again until the project is loaded. The waveform resets to default sine wave. The only thing that is remembered is the wavelength.


Confirmed x2

Also reported in Version 8 - Auto LFO value range ignored on restart - #2 by madfiddler - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks for the confirm guys. All that’s left to do now is to wait for Steinberg to ackowledge the bug ands fix it…
I may die of old age by then, but I’m sure future generations will thank us for this bug report.