auto marking & auto split

I am a wavelab 4 newly upgraded to wavelab 7 elements. What was simple in 4 is now hard for me to find.
In the WLE7 help guide (9.1.35 Recording Dialog) it states

In WaveLab Elements you also have further options available:
ˆ Method - use this tab to define options for starting/stopping/pausing the recording
automatically. You can select an input device and choose to start a recording at a
specific time or stop it after a specific duration. > In WaveLab Elements you can also
choose to drop markers automatically and split a file into while recording
> .

Can anyone tell me how i set it so that I can drop markers automatically? it is not available in any of the options i have explored. I dont know exactly what “split a file into” means but it sounds possibly useful. I cant see anything in my dialogues that will accomplish this…

I have been working with band tapes, converting them to CD. My previous workflow in WL4 would be to record the whole tape as a WAV file. Add markers for track beginings. batch process the file to auto split at the marker points and convert to MP3. Alternativly, add CD markers and burn the WAV file to a CD. As yet after many hours of searching, I have not found an as simple way to do this in WLE7. Is there anyone who does this and could give me a guide as to how to do this in WLE7? Even some help on finding out how to auto-split a file at markers would be really helpful.



As long as your recordings/files are opened in WL as Wave Files ( not Montages) the go to the Tools menu, choose auto split, then work through the options until the 3rd pane. There you will find a radio button that says “Don’t Split” add markers. You can choose various options and types of markers, including track markers. Then burn.

It’s bizarre to have a tool with an option not to do what it says … but there you go. I’ve learned and forgotten this tons of times and am at a loss to explain why there’s never been an “Add Markers” workflow. Clear and simple.

Don’t try this in a Montage though. Wont work. Also annoying.

Hope this helps

Hi, thanks for the reply. I thnk the problem is that I spent £80 on the elements version and this does not have a tools menu. In fact the functionality is very limited and despite the manual stating that you can do xyz, beyond recording a wave file and applying effects to that file the “limited feature” equates as to “not available”. This is something I will be taking up with Steinberg as it was advertised that autosplit and other tools were available for this version and they are not which has wasted much of my time. I chose WLE7 as I was used to the workflow from WL5 and assumed it would be the same. If i was thnking of spending a lot of time on learning a new product then there are much more feature rich offerings within the freeware market. I have purchased a turkey and am very dissapointed.

Autosplit is available in the Montage “Focused Clip” window, under the name “Split at silence”. This is a reduced version of the pro version.

Yes, very much reduced, offering little more than a default OS recording tool. However, in the help manual it clearly states;

In WaveLab Elements you can also
choose to drop markers automatically and split a file into while recording.

Which is factually incorrect.
It doesn’t do what it says it does therefore its going back to the shop.

You can drop markers while recording, there are buttons for this.
I don’t know why the word “automatically” was added.

Splitting while recording is only in WaveLab.