Auto-move to layer below Request

Not a big deal as it’s only a shift+x for anything selected, anyway, but one thing I’ve always liked in RX is the ‘Instant Process’ checkbox option to have a tool do its thing on mouse move/click without any keyboard action needed. An option to ‘auto-move to layer below’ would be really nice on all the tools that select something. ie no need for shift+x. This would be a more pleasant workflow for when using stylus and you’re gradually moving something out of a layer until you can’t hear it. I think it would work really well on the Erasure too. ie ‘Erase to Below’. But mainly it’s a workflow thing with a pen, it would remove the need for keyboard use when doing many repetitive tasks you don’t need to recall each time.

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Good suggestion, a good way to implement something like this is to add it to the selections tools sub menu where you’re able to choose whether to replace selection or add to selection or subtract from selection or intersect with selection.