Auto Naming MIDI Events and Copies

  1. Where in Preferences is the ‘auto name’ set for MIDI events? I must be blind, but it’s currently set to automatically name each event as the Track. (MADDENING when you can’t search for ‘Auto Name MIDI Event’ in the PDF.) Grrrrrr…

  2. I have a gripe/suggestion/question

a. Create a MIDI event on a track ‘Cymbal’.

b. Now rename it ‘Cymbal Intro’.

c. Now make a ghost copy. On my machine, the event renames itself to ‘Cymbal’. Drives me nuts.

What I want? When I create a NEW event, it automatically names the event the Track name. BUT if I rename it and then make copies of the newly named event? I want the rename to propagate to the copies.


Suntower, you gotta stop searching the pdf and try an internet search with in it.

To answer your question. Prefs>Editing.

And the behavior you request, you are hereby bequeathed. (If you uncheck ‘Part Get Track Names’)


@Steve: Thanks.

@Steinberg: Silly, silly me… expecting to be able to use the Search in the official documentation. What -was- I thinking?


Of course you can use the search, you have simply to already know the nomenclature of the name you have forgotten. Then it’s simple. Did you read Catch 22? You can see the Major anytime he’s out. If he’s in you’ll have to come back later.