Auto-numbering Cycle Marker names and clearer clip selection visuals


So, I’m doing game audio design these days and I really love using Cycle Markers for file exporting. Also for my personal logistics I’m numbering my exported files by naming the markers in the following fashion:

example_soundeffect2_03” and so on!

So what I would like to be able to do is: In the Project Logical Editor, I would like to have a “Name” operation “Append sequential numbering” with a selectable “start from (numerical value)” setting as parameter 2. You know? If I make 20 or 30 variants for one sound, it would speed up my Cycle Marker naming process tremendously if I could automate inserting the sequential numbering at the end of each marker name.

Then there’s this situation with the Project Window: Nuendo still makes thin red edges to each track object that’s selected. That becomes problematic when the objects on the tracks are red or close to red in their own colors! See the attached screen capture to see what I mean - if the clips are close to red to begin with, it’s really difficult to see which clips are selected. The selection color edge should have some options or automatic contextual adjustments in it - it could turn to green automatically if the clip color gets too red for its own good etc.

What do you think?

+1 to auto-naming markers! And colors - yes, selection should be more intelligible.

You can do it already, just not using the PLE.

Use rename objects.