Auto Open Drum Editor


When I create a drum pattern using the Halion SE3 drumkit, when I double click the pattern in the track window, it auto opens with the key editor and not the drum editor. Very frustrating when I’m doing multiple drum pattern edits.

I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that you can tell Cubase that your pattern should be opened using the drum editor but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Any ideas?



The Drum Editor opens automatically, if you select any Drum Map on the track.

Ok, so when I change ‘no drum map’ to ‘GM Map’, no sound comes from the drum track.


The reason is, the Drum Map you loaded probably changed the mapping.

You could make a “fake” Drum Map, where would be the mapping 1:1.

In preference/Editors you can select the Drum to be Default (or others: Key, Drum, In-Place, List Score). I like to assign Shift D as key command to open Drum editor instead of Key Editor as I use both all the time, super quick.

As stated above, the map probably changed the mapping, most likely the MIDI channel settings - Channel settings in the drum map override the MIDI channel setting for the track. The GM map is set to Ch10 by default, so if you may need to alter the Channel setting on your MIDI track accordingly