Auto (or easy) splitting of one midi track to others?


Forgive a really newbee question, but I’m trying to figure out if I should crossgrade to Cubase Pro from Studio One (I own the latest version) and this feature (or ability) is really important to me.

Right now I can record chords on one track and then easily turn around (with a macro) to split those notes into other tracks so that, for example, the top notes (the fifth of the chord) are put on one track, and the root note is put on another, with the third note staying where it is. Is there an easy or automatic way to do this in Cubase?

The other thing that S1 does that I doubt Cubase can do is to have tracks follow your chord track – I can live without this although it would be nice if I could figure a way to make Cubase do the same.

I’m really drawn to Cubase solely due to the Expression track (or whatever you call it) where you can put all your articulations in your template so that instead of having a hundred or more tracks for your orchestra you can just use a dozen or so (and you can see all your notes for that instrument along with the articulations all on one track). That is beyond cool and would vastly simplify my midi orchestral work (all I ever do – no audio for me).

TIA for any help.

Hi and welcome,

In Cubase you can Dissolve MIDI Part by Pitch.

You can adapt MIDI data also by condition “Highest Pitch” or “Lowest Pitch”, moreover, you can also use “Position in Chord (Part)” and then choose an interval. So you could make a Macro to set a specific MIDI Channel, based on the position in the Chord. Then you could Dissolve MIDI Part by Channel, to get dedicated MIDI tracks. And then you could set all MIDI Channels back to Channel 1 (if you want this).

Yes, in Cubase tracks can follow the Chord track. MIDI (Instrument) and Audio tracks can do so. Chord track was originally introduced in Cubase. S1 copied it several years after.

Ah, cool – thanks for the info.

I went ahead and ordered Cubase 10.5 (and the dongle – I have to wait until the dongle arrives, obviously). Am really excited now about getting it.

Have fun!