Auto playing selected markers in chosen order (backing track

Is there a way to play markers in a selected order, so if we change the playlist order its easy enough to just select a different order of markers without having to move audio etc around, and ideally so it can just run without hitting play after each song.

Basically press play and marker 3 plays, followed by 5, then 1 then 2, then 6 etc. with no need to start each track or manually select markers mid set.



No, you cannot do this. But there is the Arranger track, which is designed exactly for this task.

As Martin says, Arranger Track is the item here.

If you’ve gotten your Markers set-up, now do Add Arranger Track and create arranger segments that match your markers. Now, you can go to the Arranger Editor and have it play back your parts in any order you like and as many times as you want. When you’ve gotten an arrangement you like, you can “flatten” that and create an audio mix from your arrangement. Good luck. Arranger Track is a very powerful tool.

Thanks, This worked a treat :slight_smile: a trick or treat as I used it for the first time over the Halloween weekend!

Thanks again!

I’m glad you got it going.