Hi guys,

I found out that the Auto-Q button does a good job of quantizing the notes which i play, AFTER the fact. :wink:
Meaning that i am still hearing my ‘human’ performance; and when i play back i hear the ‘quantized’ performance.

For a live performance i’d like to be able to play notes which get quantized BEFORE playback. :astonished: I found another post about this feature but i didn’t understand, and it seemed to complex. :open_mouth: To me it sounds like an ‘easy’ feature.

I am due to perform this friday, so i’ll take any suggestion! :smiley:
Thanks a lot!!

well for a start how could it move a note played late back in time ? The only way would be if you had a delay between playing and hearing the notes but that would be awful and look awful

I am not a fan of Ableton, but in that DAW it is possible.
Which makes me believe that in Cubase it should be possible.

it could move notes to the next quantise line but that would only handle early playing, late playing would become even later unless as I say there is a built in delay to compensate, either way it is going to be very weird playing with that going on