Auto Quantize giving different results to Quantize panel

According to the manual, AUTO Q is supposed to automatically apply the settings in the Quantize panel to whatever is recorded, but anything recorded is getting quantized exactly to the beat whereas my panel is set to be much looser. So why am I getting diffeent behaviour between hitting Q on a selection after an unquantized recording, or recording with AUTO Q turned on ?

So you want Automatic Iterative Quantize? Not sure if that is possible, have a look at what the manual has to say on that.

What do you mean by “my panel”?

The manual clearly says that AUTO Q applies the settings from the Quantize Panel, but it doesn’t … it doesn’t mention anything about not being able apply Iterative settings although that does seem to be the case.

Conman: “my panel” means the settings in my Quantize panel :confused:

Hey Richard,

You need to record with Auto Quantize switched off. This makes sense, because you then get to decide
how much iterative quantize to apply yourself after the recording by pressing Q and listening. The auto quantize just
snaps your midi notes to whatever grid you specify.

For example if you record with Auto Q disabled and just the regular Q lit on the Quantize. Once you press Q after your recording the notes will obviously snap to the grid settings. But if you have the iQ lit instead they’ll only quantize iteratively to whatever percentage you have selected in the quantize panels.

Jeez that was a lot of quantizing. Hope this helps. I know the manual is a little misleading in this



Ok thanks Hazy. The manual is indeed misleading but as long as I know how it actually works I don’t mind. So, Auto Q will stay off.