Auto Quantize question?


Ive always had this issue when recording in drum parts from a drum machine or something like NI Maschine, when changing from say 1/8th not to 1/16th note in real time id always have to go in and select the 1/8th and 1/16th separately and quantize again afterwards.

For example if autoQ is set to 1/8th, then after recording you need to go in and adjust the 1/16th notes. Is there a more streamlined way to do this?


any one?

When recording from NI Maschine turn off auto quantize. and your 1/8th and 16th notes should be recorded correctly.

However I have been having issues when recording triplets (1/8t, 1/16t, 32t) from Maschine. Cubase plays back the wrong feel. I Can’t figure out why. So I just record the feel into Maschine’s sequencer and drag and drop the audio to Cubase.

But then you have to go in and quantize the different parts with their different note settings so its still the same issue?

if your recording the midi coming from Maschine turn off Cubase’s auto quantize. Since machine is is synced up to Cubase your midi notes should be spot on with having to auto quantize. Me thinks.

I also found that when you have recorded midi from Maschine to Cubase, when you play back Cubase to trigger the sounds in Maschine make sure there is NO pattern block selected in Maschine. That affects playback in an adverse way and screws up the quantization.