Auto quantize record and soft quantize

Hello, I have “AQ” On, and on my quantize panel I have a quantize strength of 50%. But when recording, it auto quantize perfectly to the grid, any ideas ?

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Bumping this, I’ve run into the same problem, is there any way to fix this? i.e. record MIDI and have it quantized, but keeping the soft quantize percentage intact? Did you figure it out?



AutoQuantize is a mode, while Soft Quantize is a function.

A mode is permanently affecting the behaviour of Cubase while a function gets executed once when it is triggered (by a button on screen, a key command, a selected menu item).

What happens here is that when you guys record, AQ is on and quantizes the events to the grid.
Soft Quantize never gets executed as you never trigger it.
Soft Quantize is not a modulator for AutoQuantize. Thus the result is as expected and all is ok.

Make it a feature-request if you would like to see SoftQuantize not only act as a function but also as a modifier to AQ.

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