Auto quantize when recording

I recorded some midi stuff today, I didn’t notice that Auto quantize was on while recording… is there some way to get back the original feel from this without the quantize? I rather do some minor quantize later :smiley: damn

Think, you must play it again …

Yesterday, I have mix a old Song from me. Have change the arrangement, so that a acoustic guitar play allone. Then I heard the headphones in this guitar track, which wasn’t hear in the first full mix. The only chance to clean the track from the headphones(clicksound) are Wlab or play it again. Have decided to record new. Now I had learn my own Song again :wink:

You do not need to play it again. Just select all of the midi parts you want to change, right-click, select Edit then select Reset Quantize - That’s it. If you were to then select Quantize instead of Reset-Quantize then the auto_quantization would be put back in - so you can toggle between the two.

You can do a similar thing in the List editor as well.

great!! thanks for the tips fenderchris :slight_smile: :smiley: