Auto-reducing choral scores?

I have a 2-part vocal score, for which I’m using two players. There is a third vocal part during only a few measures, and I’ve got a separate player for that.

As is often the case in such scores, there are some sections of music where both parts are singing in unison, so I want them just on a single staff. The staves/players/instruments are labeled “Part 1” and “Part 2”, so to avoid these unison sections having one of these labels, I’ve put them onto that extra third player, which I’ve given no name (i.e., its name is “”).

This gets the results I want in terms of staves being hidden when I want them to, although when viewing the score in Galley View in Write Mode, my music goes from the Part 1 and Part 2 staves to the 3rd stave.

This is how I’d accomplish this result in “Product A,” and, again, it works well enough here. However, I know that Dorico has lots of wizardry for players and instruments and sections and things like that, which I’m definitely not yet very familiar with. (For example, I notice that if you name two players identically, Dorico automatically adds a roman numeral count to the name. e.g., Clarinet I, Clarinet II. Pretty neat!). Is there a way to enter the music I want, on the staves I want, and Dorico will accomplish this kind of result in such a use case?

thanks all!

The short answer (mentioned by Dorico developers in various other threads on this forum) is that it’s planned but not yet implemented.