Auto Save .bak files to their own folder

Here it is, almost 2022, and we still don’t have the ability to auto save .bak files for a project into their own folder. I have wasted SO MUCH time over the years searching through a myriad of .bak files to find the Nuendo project file to load.
Please help, Steinberg. Thank you.


Maybe mark this as a feature request? This would be very useful.

Thanks - good idea - just marked it as a feature request.

Yes, get those .bak files out of my face please.

Yes, this has been requested for what seems like years, but it is constantly ignored by Steinberg. It can not be that difficult to implement - Steinberg programmers are among the best in the World (and the known universe).

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+1 for this

+1, it’s an old request.
there’s already another thread at:

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Get .bak to where you once belonged, Jojo.


+1 for this, and…

I want that, after using the “Save new version” file function, all the old .NPR files are put in the same folder you propose.
I have a shortcut for the “Save new version” file function, in order to prevent crashes and my self-stupid-actions, and I put manually a lot of .NPR files with .CSH files and .BAK files in a folder. When my work is finished after months, I delete it.

+1 for this…