Auto save crash issues & complete erasure of backup files?

I’ve been having consistent issues with the auto save crashing/flooding me with the cascading error messages (found here: This seems to occur whenever I manipulate anything on the UI, whether it be a VST/plugin or an internal device like the Cubase Mixer, as the auto save feature is executed.

The last time this happened, however, instead of getting the cascading error messages, Cubase just closed completely, and all of my backup files since I open the project today disappeared. This has only occurred once, and fortunately most of what I was working on was sounds (that I saved presets of), but the other crash is very annoying and happens all the time.

Cubase 9.0.40 Build 292 64bit
Windows 10


Attach the mentioned *.dmp file, please.

Try to trash Cubase preferences.

You could try to experiment with the Graphics card driver. Try to use generic Microsoft driver. Or try to use an older driver version, or the latest one.