Auto Save Isn't Working!!!

I just lost several hours work because Nuendo crashed DURING SAVE.

I noticed, that despite having auto save set up, all of my .bak files in this folder are dated MAY. Is that when Nuendo 10 came out?

EDIT: It seems that this is mostly affecting projects that were initially created in N8 - they are no longer autosaving. Newer N10 created projects do have bak files, but their behaviour is inconsistent with the settings.

What the hell is going on?

You know what, this might be the final straw that pushes me to Reaper.

I have no problems with autosave.
N8 and former versions NPRs get opened and saved under N10.
From then on they do autosafe. Works fine, here.
Can’t say, if there is a problem with NPRs that have not been saved under N10
prior to working with them, though.

Servus Big k

no problem with the autosave for me