Auto save master section preset not working


my Wavelab stops automaticly saving master section preset when rendering file.
No update, no new plugins, nothing changed. It just stopped working.

What I do…

  1. file - render - single
  2. option - check “Auto save master section preset”
  3. start - render

Output file (wav) is rendered ok but no preset file is saved additionally to rendered file anymore. :unamused:

Pls any help?

WP 9.5.40

It works, but the preset is saved along the source file, not the destination file.

“preset is saved along the source file”
no it’s not … I already checked all folders
it creates .gpk file only

strange is that sometime preset is saved … sometime it’s not

Windows or OS X ?

regards S-EH

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Having the master section as a separate entity than the project is a recipe for disaster at some point. Maybe not now, maybe not in the past, maybe not in a critical situation yet but I’m super glad PG added montage output FX that are always saved with the proejct like you would expect.

Every few weeks there is a story on here about something going wrong with the master section settings. WaveLab error, human error, or otherwise, it makes me nervous to work this way.

I’ve developed a workflow that allows me to hide and never use the global master section except for my Clarity M plugin in the Playback Processing slot.

I’ve struggled with the same…

I DO like having a master section though that is separate from a montage - because the master section allows me to monitor incoming audio and process that audio with effects in real-time. Without it, how would I do that (within Wavelab)?

HOWEVER… some of the little bugs/issues in the master section make me a little uncomfortable… some of them could even lead me to make incorrect decisions mastering (slots being out of order could affect the way meters are perceived, etc) - and that’s a little scary. I’ve been very careful to try to avoid issues with this though… and my caution is one of the things that has lead to the discovery of some of these small bugs. Not trying to be negative here… just honest. Hopefully PG will be able to get these little things worked out soon (it sounds like 9.5.50 should fix the plugin order problem in the playback section). Wavelab is such an excellent program, and the new v9/9.5 interface is just awesome! I love working in Wavelab… As Wavelab has evolved, it has really become something very special and spectacular… it just seems to be going through some small growing pains. I’m feeling hopeful though about the future - PG has always done such excellent work - and we are all still here! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can. I think WaveLab needs a few improvements in areas like this to be super amazing for 100% of the mastering process.

Windows 10 64bit

can’t get it to work here either - just tested it by saving from the dedicated button. Then deliberately made some changes - these weren’t automatically saved when saving the montage