Auto save Master Section preset

…PG, in another thread you mentioned the Auto save Master Section preset in the master section preferences.
I try to finde this option on PC and mac for two hours…I am sorry, could somebody help me?

In each workspace, there is an option dialog, from the options menu. Or press Ctrl/Cmd + P.
You’ll find this option at the bottom of the dialog, for the Audio Montage option dialog.

…thank you, I’ll try this tonight.

I found the auto save option, checked it, but still the preset is not loaded with the audiomontage.

If I save an audiomontage with the master preset, than I close the montage, reset all in the master section, reload the audiomontage, the mastersection remains emty???

I’m a little bit confused…did I miss something?



You have to explicitly load the Master Section preset, by clicking on the right bottom icon.
This needs to be a manual process, hence you would erase the current Master Section config. And what if you would load 3 montages in the same time?

…ok PG, so I have to change a little bit my way of working, obviously I’m to used to daws like cubase, where you load one project with everything in it.
But it’s fine for me! :mrgreen:

Wait a minute…

If you load 3 montages, with 3 different master sections, the master sections should change in the same manner as track settings change.

This is a serious workflow block because you’ve designed the program so that ONLY the master section can insert outboard/external gear, and ONLY the master section reliably hosts dither (as I discovered last week) in a way that always yields the proper word length, even when other settings have moved.

Last week I was urged to get with the program, and put dither in the last slot. I declined because A) I didn’t trust that montage settings are properly restored, and B) I constantly run a bitscope in SpectraFoo post-WL7 that reveals issues, and caught my inadvertent fader move. Thank G-d for B, because A is confirmed: If you have multiple montages open, with different master section settings, you cannot count on WL7 to deliver what you saved when last open.

I realize this might not be a trivial fix, but from my perspective this model strongly encourages me to use Track effects as “master effects”, and eliminates outboard gear in-line for most projects, unless I’m willing to accept an extra bounce/render step. Compounding the problems, the ASIO IO plugs are not properly recalled from previously saved montages. All this makes it hard to trust.

To put a finer point on it, this issue is why soundBlade remains my main DAW, and WL7 is unlikely to replace it soon. sB does in fact swap it’s “desks” (track effects) and master sections as you toggle between multiple open project files (montages), so it’s definitely possible. sB also allows you to send/receive outboard processes at either the track/desk level or master ahead of or behind the master section, and capture the results back to the EDL.

If WL7’s master section was more explicitly tied to each individual montage and audio-file window I’d be inclined to trust it in a pinch. As things are it’s very easy to accidentally apply the wrong effects.

WaveLab is not a “single project” based application, but the Master Section is shared, by design. And this has advantages too. You should not think like:

If you load 3 montages, with 3 different master sections

But as:

“If you load 3 montages, each with a different master section configuration”


Dave, if I understand correctly, what you are missing is automatic recall of the master section if you swap between different montages, because you feel that manual recall by clicking on the little right bottom icon could be forgotten by mistake? I am not really sure if this is always what people want because sometimes it is the automatic behaviour that generates mistakes…
But, why not make this as an option which can be selected in preferences: Automatic recall of master section settings, when toggling between different montages?



Yes, that works fine, and meets all users needs.

Philippe: I take your point, and understand the rationale for a single master section for all projects. And it appears you get what I’m asking for.

To put a finer point on it, soundBlade isn’t a single-project app, but like WL7, a multi-project app with an integrated master section that delivers the same advantages when desired (for instance, you gain seperate level control, and a place to insert monitoring plug-ins). SoundBlade’s master section plugs and settings happen to follow the project you’re in, but you can open all the projects your system supports. If one desires common settings there, one can simply standardize them as a rule, but as you note you’ll surrender fixed, common settings that stick around when you change windows. I do get the benefits of this, and can see the utility. But I’ve explained why I prefer working differently, and why the status quo doesn’t work well for me.

If nothing else, the deal breaker is here: Even when a user specifically requests a master preset be saved/recalled with a montage, it is not necessarily recalled even when saved. I do see the conflict - ultimately in a multiproject environment, the last-opened montage is going to rule. File:Open means the file opens as it was saved. Not in some potentially different way, based on other unrelated projects. To me that situation highlights the underlying problem pretty starkly, and offsets many benefits. It suggests a somewhat broken paradigm, but that’s another issue.

Since YMMV, a preference as Lutz suggests is one good solution. I don’t want to dictate how others work, but I require a program that can recall it’s own sessions reliably without additional steps or thought (so interns and assistants can do mundane tasks). I don’t think my expectation (opening a montage restores all aspects of that montage) is unreasonable and I doubt it’s unusual, at least outside WL world, so please consider giving us a preference, even if it limits us to opening a single Montage at a time.

In the meantime, anyone else whose bothered by this can work around it by not using the master section at all, and relying on tracks to host final limiters and dithers. For the time being over here, projects requiring outboard processing will continue being done in soundBlade, which is not only more reliable in recalling all settings but also better at capturing (I’ve yet to successfully capture a session with outboard renders in WL7 - I always get drop outs and glitches so I’ve given up until 7.2). I’m going to keep working in WL7 while I wait for ASIO IO to be fixed, and this isn’t a show stopper for many other tasks so it’s all good.


PS: I’m finding I actually LIKE many of the oddities in WL7, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that the status quo is better, and I’ll continue trying to work as you guys suggest, within WL7’s paradigm. I’m teaching currently, so I have plenty of opportunities to do this outside of sessions. Learning is good. :wink:

In particular, while I struggle with “render” vs. “export” terminology (and confess I also miss the now-familiar “bounce” command), I strongly prefer the “process” vs “effects” distinction. In most cases I find WL7’s terminology to be “more correct” from a technical perspective, which makes it a great teaching tool. I wish Logic and, for that matter, ProTools, were as conventionally labelled!


Could be useful indeed. While on the subject, I’d also like the ‘opposite’: an option like ‘Save current MS to all open files’. Unless such a thing is already taken care of - wouldn’t be the first time in my case…

Luck, Arjan