Auto save not saving

I have auto save set to 9 min, however working on a project for 2 hours today didn’t produce a single .bak file and you can all guess what happened after 2 hours…

What can cause this and can anything be done about it? Turning auto save off? :smiley:

I’ve had this happen from time to time, myself. Have never figured out the conditions that brought it on. What I do know is that in my case it’s been intermittent. I also believe, though I don’t have hard evidence to back this up—it hasn’t happened for at least a couple of months— that in my case it’s been project-related.


I would:
Toggle AutoSave off.
Exit Nuendo.
Relaunch Nuendo.
Change the time to save value and toggle AutoSave back on.
Exit Nuendo.
Relaunch Nuendo.
Load a Project, save it with an incremental name change and then monitor your .bak file progress.

Sometimes them little digits get confused and need a bit of help from the humans.

I remember Auto save being broken over 20 years ago, and people the odd time complaining about it, and I could never fully trust it.
If any plugin crashes N10.3, you may not even know about it, and the Auto may not kick in. I am so used to CTRL+S, that I never stopped doing it
every few minutes, even with Auto save at 7 minutes, and set to 3 backup files.

All that being said, in my system it is working fine.

You’re brave! 8-0

3 minutes and maximum number of .BAKs here …

I usually do the manual save ever so often but for some reason not yesterday… :smiley: Think I have set it to 10 bak files.

lol. Yes but I combine with manual save every few edits.