Auto Save not working correctly?

Normally I don’t do this, but today, I left my computer unattended for a few hours. I came back, and accidentally closed the project file without saving.

I have never used the auto-save feature (I normally just save files incrementally myself), but I was hoping auto-save was active and that Cubase would have automatically saved the project - because I forgot to do it myself today. I checked in the preferences, and auto-save appears to be active and set up correctly. Auto-save is checked, it is set to save every 15.0 min, and the maximum number of files is set to 10.

Anyway - I looked in the project folder, and the most recent auto save file was saved on the 14th of November??? What is going on here? I just lost my work from this entire afternoon. Is there a bug in the auto-save feature?

I wonder if there is a bug with autosave when also saving files incrementally - for example, I have a bunch of files with names like:


Maybe there is a bug with the names? I wonder if the incremental numbering system confuses the autosave feature or something…

Try right clicking on the most recent backup file (the most recent .bak file) then choose “open with” and tell it to use Cubase.

What is that going to do? It puts the right icon on the files, but doesn’t make any other files appear. The files are just not there.

Is it at all possible that the project file (edit: and autosave files are) elsewhere? Such as another folder within the project folder?

Have you done a file search for the filename (without suffix, of course)?

I have not seen problems with the naming of files concerning auto-save.

Please include your OS in your posts, ideally in your sig.

Oh I get it, i’m sorry, the most recent bak file is the 14th of November.

That’s a problem.

Nevermind - it’s working. I just did some tests…

I think I may have subconciously closed the project file earlier or something. Anyway, I’ve got it set now in a way I like it better. It saves every five minutes, and I save up to 50 files… which gives me several hours of emergency replacement.

What happens is that Cubase assumes you don’t want the backups either when you don’t save so it deletes them. This has got me a few times, but now I know and I always save.

I personally would welcome a change to keep the backup files - or at least an option.


:blush: What Mike said is right. When Cubase prompts you to save and you hit don’t save, the backups from that session are deleted.

(I agree– It would make sense to have an option in that dialog box that allows the user to save the current session’s .bak files)