Auto-Save not working properly

I don’t know what kind of agenda you’re on here, but yeah, maybe it was only 10 to 15 minutes. Or 5 to 10. My memory might fail me, it was some tIme ago.
Happy now?

whatever, bug is reported and under investigation.

See: Why isn't my Nuendo creating .bak backups every 5 minutes as I have set in preferences? - #18 by nogills

so, your suggestion is to set auto-save every 5 mins? I’m not sure I understood the relation to Nuendo.

0.5, not 5

sounds interesting, I can try it for testing, but not for daily work… since every 0.5 seconds, it would be quite disruptive (as many times as it works) because while the project is auto-saving it is not possible to work…

^ 30 seconds (half a minute, not half a second)

I’m going to keep an eye too. I hadn’t paid any attention to this so far.


every 30 seconds would also be quite disruptive…

Please understand that we’re troubleshooting – not really looking to “fix” the issue, but to collect info in hopes of finding a pattern, and then create a bug report from the result of this “research”. If a workaround is found, that’s nice too.