Auto Save waiting after end of play

I have big projects files. Even with fast M.2 drive it takes a few seconds to save on disk. It would be great if there was an option like, if the project is playing, and it is the “moment” to auto save, Cubase waits until the ends of play to save. Options like :

  • Wait until stop to auto save
  • Maximum waiting delay before forcing the auto save : set time

Cubase writes backups in the background already

Hi, it does not. I have a 3GB template project file, which takes about 7 seconds to write on the hard drive. If it does during a playback, it will stick during all that time. Same during recording midi or whatever function. It could seem to be in background is the project file is small enough to be fast writing. But it is not a real background process.
Photoshop has a real background saving. Means that it keeps in mind an instant snapshot of the actual state of the file, and save it in background while you can still edit the file.

Cubase does not autosave when in playback or record, only when stopped.
Are you sure it is auto saving or is it just a dropout you are experiencing ?

Probably I was mistaken and did not experience that during play or record. =) My apologies for the request “wait until stop to save”. but would love a true background save.

Yes - we need that. Who haven’t tried working on something for half an hour without stopping playback and suddenly “poof”.

That said cubase is very stable here but it does happen