Auto-scroll enabled But Still Cursor isn't Followin Project?

I am new to Cubase 7.5 having come from Pro-tools and Sonar X3, so don’t be brutal if the answer is simple. The subject title says it all. Yes i have read the manual, yes i have searched this forum, I have looked in Preferences, Transport etc in Cubase for the answer, and all i can find is the suggestion of doing what i already have- “F” to enable auto-scroll, but still the goddamn cursor is suddenly not following the project when it initially was when i started working on my current song.

Super frustrated now! Please tell me it is something simple i have over looked!

you have activated the “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing” button.

It’s on Page 54, Suspending auto-scroll.

OK, so i hope i help anyone else who comes accross this problem as i’ve just solved it after hours of head scratching and expletives. I noticed on a tutorial vid on Youtube i was watching that the guys project window looked slightly different from mine- i noticed that i could not see the sliders for waveform and track zoom for example on the right side of the window, and foot of the page. Hmm.

The sizing layout of my project window had somehow been changed and elongated out past the realms of normality!

By simply dragging the page and resizing, i no longer loose sight of the pesky cursor plus i have my zoom sliders back! Thank the good lord above. How on earth i managed to resize it in the first place will remain a mystery… :unamused:

Nope it wasn’t that, forgot to mention in the first post, i read about this feature in the manual and was aware of it, so made sure it was not enabled.

Thanks anyway for the reply, i’ve finally worked it out myself.

Glad you figured out what was going on.

Me too! Phew. Thanks Steve. :smiley:

I had the same problem. The cause was that when my MBP is docked to my big monitor in the studio, I size everything accordingly. Then when working on the same project on the laptop monitor, the project window is still sized to the big monitor; thus the main track screen goes way out to the right of my visual area. Move the whole program window to the left and and resize it to fit my MBP monitor and all is well.