Auto scroll in score editor has stopped working again

Several weeks ago auto scroll stopped working in score editor. I contacted Steinberg support and one of their folks remotely took over my computer and fixed the problem, which involved, among other things, getting rid of the preferences which meant I had to reassign all key commands. Auto scroll has again stopped working in score editor. This time I got an error message that read “Score error 7”. Any guess as to what is causing this? I recently moved from Nuendo to Cubase. In my 10+ years using Nuendo I never had this problem. Thanks.

You mentioned Nuendo- did you have the NEK with the Score editor? If not, there’s no comparison to Cubase. Also, to give you any help at all, you’ll have to say what OS and exact Cubase version you’re on.

It was not necessary for the tech to remove key commands in order to reset prefs in Cubase. At least they should have told you to back up the files, which is trivial to do.

Score error 7 is a generic error, hard to say what caused it, at least for me. It is possible that it’s a score layout error.

The first thing I would do is import the tracks into an empty Cubase project.

If you want to zip your cpr file and pm me I can take a look at it.

Thanks for responding. Cubase 8.5.3 OS 10.11.6 Have had NEK with all Nuendo years and now Cubase. I’ll import into a new project.

Sorry, how do I zip the cpr file?

Imported the midi file into a new project with the same result----no auto scroll in score editor.