Auto scroll when dragging a song in new order

This meight be very helpful allow auto scroll when pulling song in order, as sometimes needs to put a song faaaar away from it’s previous position. (same situation with reordering tracks, but I personally not using as much for now that not fits to one “page”)


… fixed and added. Next version.

See you,

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Hi @Spork , that is awesome! THX :slight_smile:


Morgen @Spork ,

thank all of you for adapting as quick, autoscroll works like a charm when dragging :slight_smile:

Hi @Spork ,

Sorry for get back here again. Can it be possible, it stopped working (using v 1.1.85)?
Putting together a new project file with lots of tracks so preparing right “song template” before fill project file with songs, media items. Am I doing it in the wrong way? As posted above, it appeared working before booth with songs and tracks. Also you can see a little “doubled border” glitch from 00:06-00:08 secs in the video, like two borders are jumping (similar thing were polished out in Song-order and Mixer-view already). Not a big issue, but if function can be restored, that would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi @fkalmus,

the autoscroller feature was never added to the Track-List view. But it has been added now and will be ready for the next update. We’ll also check the “doubled border” glitch.

Thank you,

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Hi Michael,

I’m soo sorry, I remembered somehow that was working me also! My mistake!
Thank you for adding also, no rush at all.

… no need to say sorry. Thank you so much for pointing us to that one and again for all your help!


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