Auto-Select Events Under Cursor: Inconsistent/Erratic behavior - UPDATED -

I’m starting to use this feature more in certain situations, like creating/editing samples, and working with lots of separated events like in film work.

But I’m finding the behavior a bit erratic in certain situations, I think the code depends too much on graphical orientation rather than data based orientation?

Example One - Deselecting via clicking in background doesn’t stick. But sometimes it does. And
Deselecting via command ‘Select None’ does stick, but zooming in and out will re-select.

Example two. Selecting other events sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t

I believe a variable of this example, could be that I have ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ and the track selection re-selects the events under cursor.

Is this a bug? Or just my multiple preferences clashing? Is it the intended function? I’m not so sure. I feel like ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’ should only happen during playback, and user-commanded location.

I did some further trouble shooting on this, there are various preferences that clash with ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’

1. Preference: Select Track on Background Click

I feel like if the track is already selected, it shouldn’t count as a re-selection if background click made. There should be a question of whether even selecting a track, should refresh the auto-selection protocol.

It appears, this actually isn’t the case with regular track selection:

2. Preference: Track Selection Follows Event Selection

I feel like with this, a user made selection should override the auto-selector, and again, if a track is already selected, it shouldn’t count a re-selection.

general protocol question: Should ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’ only happen when the cursor is moving/moved by the user.

Further inconsistencies