Auto selection of lyrics when editing

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended:
When I am replacing pre-existing lyrics and press ‘spacebar’, the next word/syllable is selected (that’s good!), however, when I press ‘-’, the cursor is placed at the end of the next word/syllable (that’s bad). This breaks up the workflow when writing, as I have to be thinking about not just what I’m entering, but what was there previously, in case I need to Cmd+A and select the existing text before I continue typing.

It’s working as designed. If you type space the assumption is that you’re going to overwrite (because if you hadn’t wanted to overwrite you’d have used Tab, not space). If you type a hyphen you don’t have that option so Dorico assumes you’re joining syllables up that should have been joined together all along.

edit: I’m not actually in front of it but I’m sure there’s some logic here…

I was very tired when I posted this, so obviously the pre-existing lyrics has no bearing on how text is selected!

But, I would think that regardless of whether Dorico assumes I’m just joining up syllables, it still makes sense to select the syllable I’m connecting to. Otherwise Dorico is assuming I want to append something to the end of the syllable I just connected to, which seems like a fairly infrequent use case. Both the ‘space’ and ‘-’ functionality work regardless of what text is selected or where the cursor is.

Just imagine for a second that you’re joining up syllables that ought to have been joined in the first place. If, when hitting hyphen, Dorico selects the next syllable, how do you enter another hypen without replacing the next syllable?

Pressing hyphen works regardless of the cursor position or selection, because it can’t be entered as a text character.

I really shouldn’t ever have answered this question whilst not in front of Dorico, and I apologise - my first response was utterly full of nonsensical (and for that matter inaccurate) information. The Tab key doesn’t do anything useful within lyric input, and you’re right: my supposition about the hyphen was illogical.