auto show mixer channels of selected tracks in project

My workflow has both project and mixer windows onscreen. The project window always shows all tracks, the mixer window shows only tracks I’m working one, but currently the mixer must be setup manually each time.

I always group all my sends, auxs, audio tracks etc in individual folders FYI.

I’d love for there to be a way to make the mixer automatically show only the tracks (and related tracks) that are selected in the project window.

Currently I must shift+click mixer visibility of folder I am working in each time. I assigned a key command to make visible channels that are selected, but if I only want the mixer to do this the mixer must be first be brought into focus before applying key command. Would be great if either the “show only selected channels” key command could be always be directed to the mixer or if there was a mixer mode that showed only the tracks (and related tracks) selected in project automatically.

One of the most #@$%^ moves Steinberg has done in a long time was screwing that up. It affects so much more than just what’s bothering you.

The new “Focusing System” makes no sense what so ever :unamused:

For 20 months they have not been able to answer the questions:
What is the intentions and rationality behind the Focusing System?

Why the white outlining frame following “after” you? What’s is purpose?

I know when I touch in the fader or insert/rack area, or whatever without the need for the white outlining telling me where I clicked.

PS. I can’t say that I expect an answer this time either :confused: :cry: :cry: :cry: :imp: :unamused: