Auto Split Clips (Auto Trim and Space)

I’m trying Auto-Split on clips in the montage for the first time, to experiment with auto-trimming and auto-gapping.
I’m using the following settings:

All Selected Clips.
Cut Head and Tail.
Find and Cut Silence (I’m trying manual -60db or Automatic Level Detection).
Interval between the Clips: 1s.
Create Fade In/Out in clips.
Name as Clip Name.
Make Insert Persistent.

It works for the most part, but “Interval between the Clips” doesn’t seem to work at all. It doesn’t change the clip intervals at all. I guess I could set the intervals with the CD Wizard afterwards, but I’d rather it worked in Autosplit.

Also Find and Cut Silence -60db or Auto are not really working as well as I’d hoped for most things I try. -60db cuts off too much for me. Could the manual -60db limit be extended down to about -80db? The manual method gets closer for me than the Auto-Level Detection (which tends to leave too much for me, and has no adjustment options).

Actually I found it resets any clip gain or clip volume envelope gain to 0.0 when it does the volume analysis, so that isn’t going to work for me the way I do it. No way for it to analyze after clip processing and leave the gains as they are, I guess?

No, this is an “early stage” “meant to be” process.

Thanks PG. But for me it was an unexpected change. Something the user doesn’t necessarily know has happened until maybe too late. There’s no indication. I didn’t even notice until the second or third time around.

Also it would be more useful if it analyzed after the gains or processing.

Also, can the interval not working be fixed?

for me it was an unexpected change

This is not a change. This has always been so. The underlying “raw” audio file is analysed for splitting.

Also, can the interval not working be fixed

I cannot reproduce a problem. I would need a sample.

PG, if I have a montage with 5 clips and there is a 5 second space between each clip, I select all, and set the interval to 1 second in Auto Split, the result is still 5 seconds after the Auto Split, using “Add/Mix” at the end.

If I use “Add/Mix and bind right clips” (the only other option), it puts minutes between the clips.

Either way the interval setting seems to have no effect at all.

I’m using these Auto Split settings after selecting all clips:

All Selected Clips.
Cut Head and Tail.
Find and Cut Silence (-60db).
Interval between the Clips: 1s.
Create Fade In/Out in clips.
Name as Clip Name.

Not sure how I’d create a sample. “The Add/Mix and bind right” might be easier to reproduce since it adds minutes of space.

When you process several clips, each is process one after the other, independently from the others. Therefore, the gap that is inserted between the splitted parts of a given clip, only concern this clip. The distance between clips is ignored by the split tool. Maybe that sheds some light?

It still doesn’t make sense PG, following the specific steps I’ve described, and choosing the “interval between clips” option and setting a time (in this case, 1 second). It doesn’t make sense that the space between the clips is not reduced to that interval, or in the other case (“bind right”), that minutes of space are added between all of the clips.

I assume you’re able to reproduce the case of minutes of space added between all of the clips? (using “Add/Mix and bind right”). If that is expected, what is the reason? It’s totally unexpected to me and just looks like a bug.

Has anyone else had a chance to try this? It only takes a minute.

I can reproduce a problem now.
I was not using the option “Cut Head and Tail” but another split option.
With the option “Cut Head and Tail”, the Clip interval option should not be available, as this option is meant to reduce the start/end of clips, and not create new clips.

Thanks PG.