Auto Split from Text file

I have Wavelab 9.5.50
I have a wavefile (about 8 hours long) with different songs. Medleys from live concert.
I have a textfile wiht songname and startpoint hh:mm:ss of all songs (endpoint will be startpoint of next song).
It is possible to cut this large file into single smal files, cutting them with the start and endpoint, defined in a textfile.

How should the textfile or xml file look like.
Dokumentation in Wavelab is strange and not understandable.

Can someone help? Or give an example?
This would be great.

Cheers, Robert

One way to achieve this, would be to create a marker text file. Then you could use the auto-split feature to create smaller files. This requires some work but this is perfectly achievable.
There is no documentation about marker files, but you can learn it easily:
Oopen any wav file and add some markers with names. Save this file. A file with the .mrk extension will be created. Study its contents with a text editor.

Then, create a marker file for your 8 hours file. Open the audio file: the marker file will be used, if you respect the naming (piano.wav / piano.mrk).

Now use the Auto Split feature. Certainly better from the audio editor.

It is possible to cut this large file into single small files anyhow.

Hi Philippe,
thanks a lot for your reply, but I do not want to do it this way. As I described, I want to do it with the “Auto Split with Text file” way.

Sorry, I did not understood. Here an example:
Considering these settings:

if my file is concert.wav
If I create a text file concert.txt

with the following contents:


The 2 regions will be created, with the start / length as specified (samples here)

Hi Philippe, thanks for your reply.
I found the solution myself.
Because I had a Textfile with timecode (as I wrote): hh:mm:ss
The Textfile should be like:


Name=Sample In A Jar

and so on…

00:01:33:00 = hh:mm:ss:samples

The txt-file must have the same name of the source file and must be in the same folder as the source.

Anyway thanks a lot for your investigation and help.

Cheers from Munich :slight_smile: