Auto-Split: Import from txt-file

I have tried to select a large number of wav files for auto-split processing using the third option on the first page of the dialog, i.e. to import from a txt list.
I have set up the list as requested: one source path per line, but when I try to execute the auto-split in the end nothing happens.
Does this option work at all or does anyone have an idea what I do wrong?


This is meant to work. You could post a test file, for me to check.

I have attached the txt file that I used.
I have tried with WL7 and WL6 and it didn’t work in both cases.
CAC class archiv_multitrack files.txt (9.53 KB)

I have a doubt about where you use that file in the Auto Split dialog. Please add a screenshot. Thanks.

Here is the screenshot of the first page of the auto-split dialog where you can see how I attached the txt file:
Auto-Split with txt import.JPG

Is this normal that file names in your list don’t have extension (eg. .wav) ?

Thanks for the hint PG, it was the missing extension.
It is working now…:slight_smile: