Auto split in batch processor

Hi, how to remove silence in the star and in the end of the tracks in batch processor and then apply master chain preset?
(Sorry for simple question)

Wavelab pro 9

There is a batch processor plugin called, Trimmer, for this.
To have more control on the process, you can use the Auto Split tool, in the Tools menu.

Auto Split tool working good for simple track but i want the same in batch processor)))

For example I have 100 files where i want to trim the beginning and end, the length of unnecessary space is not fixed, how do I do this in Wave lab pro 9 automatically? What do I need to buy a Sound Forge 9?)))

In the auto split dialog, there is a batch mode (on the 1st page).

How to do it in a batch processing mode after master chain?)))

This is a 2 step process. Trim your files, then use batch processor. You can create a batch processor from the auto split dialog.