auto split montage at marker position after dithering

After finishing my 32 bit montage with the single tracks I dither the montage down to a 16 bit montage.
This cause the separate files to be bounced into one 16bit file of the whole album.

Customers often request add. mp3 version which should be processed from the 16bit stage (and NOT the 32 stage).
I do not find a possibility to auto split my 16 Bit file at marker positions so that I can batch process a set of mp3s.

I have not found a hint in the manual.
Can anybody give me a hint or work around to solve this task.

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Indeed I could take the 32 bit versions and make a batch processing. But this doesn´t make sense as the 32 bit files have false pre-roll and no fade outs etc. I just want to get a mp3 copy of the album.

In the render dialogue you can select to render the tracks as separate files.


oh my gosh, life can be so simple. :smiley:
I was looking for that at other spots.
Thank you so much!